Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I hate Teacher when they ask a question you know the answer to than you raise your hand the wanna make like they Didnt see your hand. BYTCH!!!!!u gone see my hand when i slap the taste outta ya mouth, but when a hard ass question but it seem easy come up they wanna give it to you like i be bytch my hand wasnt up. Trying make you look stupid cuase the know dont know the answer like the give you a question like Where in china are the most grass located? i dont know that or THEY give a easy question like where do fish live??just to make you look stupid Sumtimes i be thinkin they be giving me the martin luther king Question on purpose just cuase im black.. YA FEEL ME
Or like i raise my hand Nd be like can i go to the bathroom they wanna play you like we anit got no bathrooms??So they make you say restrooms
Coversation Bettween teacher and student:
Student: (raises hand)
Teacher: Yes
Student: Can i go to the restroom
Teacher: I dont know can you
Student: I know how to use the  damn restroom Stop makin me look dumb ho3....
They just gone make you say May i use the restroom HAte the bullshit
 or Like when you bout to do partner projects they see you looking at yo best friend , Than they say I PUTTING YOU WITH THE UGLYEST NIGGA IN THIS CLASS... i be like what the fuk

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