Tuesday, August 17, 2010


iight Everbody im Fixin To "BLOG" about this new Stride mEGAmYSTERYGUM, Or MEga Fail Gum

I bought this gum at aproximatly at 10:23 I Began to chew it at 10:31
i dont wanna give ya the date cuase dere r stalkers out dere. YA IM TALKIN TO YOU Iight back to what i was talkin bout. I think i Know what The Flavor Is>>>>THE FLAVOR IS NAsty that was the most nasty gum ever i will never try it again. What were these dumd ass STride pple thinkin in the factory when they made this Huh?? Prolly thinkin Maybe pple will buy this gum cause they dont know the flavor?? Wtf

Why would u buy somethin that u dont know what it taste like??  
Whould u Eat a cookie that had a flavor that you didnt know??? And Whats the Flavor Any Way How Come they Wont Tell Us what is is huh? Theres NOThing special bout this damn Gum Anit No Secret Flavor NO prize NO Sweepstakes No Coupons No Giveaways And no MOtherfukin Golden ticket LMfaoo
See me personaly im thinking about some willy wonka type shitt

Iight heres one INgredients >>> TITANIUM DIOXIDE wtf what is that I didnt pay for gum with metal in it Would u drank sum KOOL-AID with sum TITANUM DIOXIDE no u wouldnt cuase that AINT RITE. HELLLL NAWH No WONDER dis gum nasty is SugarFree. ND Ya only get 14 Pieces of nasty gum nd they small as hell
IIght imma give ya nd example what if u was like allgeric to Peanut nd U ate sum Mystery gum what if the flavor was peanuts nd u didnt know cuase they didnt tell u U COULD DIE FROM EATIN SUM GuM Imma let u think on that...................did i change ya mind i prolly did
Remember When yo momma used to tell ya not to put things in ur mouth This is somthing that u shouldnt put in ya mouth... BECUASE U DONT KNOW WHAT IS IN it
u Dont know what it taste like And it look like chalk

Now next time u go to wal-mat H.E.B Walgreens Target Corrner Store Or whereEver u shopp dont buy this Gum if i see u gettin dis gum IMMA WHOOP UR ASS rite dere in the STORe Nd everybody gonna hear Nd i mean it I didnt type all dis for Nothing. CMon Deres lots of different gums out dere TRY SOMTHING ELSE NOT DIS GUM I dont feel like namein dem all cause my fingers fixin to like fall off

IIght i fixin to get on MY SpaceSHip nd fly away DAmn DEZ GASES Prices high.  LooKs like im only gettin to the moon LoL send me a message if u want me to "Blog" on sumtin specifc...

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