Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ice Cream Man

Dayumm I hate the Ice Cream, Like when the ice cream man get to my block he allways out of the good ice cream i want like why did the hell you stop if u anit got the good stuff i be wanting that screwball icecream with the gumball at the bottom. Imma set that truck on fire if he stop and anit got what i want next time !!! Ya Feel ME
I like the cartoon character ice cream like its a combination between a popsicle and ice cream gumball eyes thats shitts crazy..And he wanna play you like you be waitin for the ice cream man outside on the crub than he wanna speed up like he anit gonna stop.. He be playin wid my emotions He never wanna give baq the rite amount of change. Nigga you a quarters short dont play me GIVE ME ALL MY DAYUMM CHANGE!!
Oh like you be waiting for the ice cream man Allllll DAyyy and he dont show up so u go in side nd take your shoes off than You hear the ice cream man song so you gota run outside with no shoes on And every body be looking at you crazy cuase you anit got No shoes on... Or like when a whole gang of lil kids be taken they time cuase they trying to count up all there change Askin you if they can borrow a quarter. Or when these grown ass ladys up there buying ice cream nd you be thinking where the hell her kids at. The ice cream man always got Dayumm glasses on.. Like i hate when pple walk past ur house askin did the ice cream man come over here Oh just cuase im black im out here waiting for the ice cream man
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