Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ashy skin & Chapped lips

Today where here to talk about ashy skin (plural) 
Ashy Ashy Ashy Ashy 
Have you even been in class and you seen a girl rubbing carmax "Lipgloss"on her ankles!!!!!
people be looking like they been playing in a sandbox full of baby powder den they wanna play it off like " MAN i just took a shower" Or like when they put lotion on nd miss a spot or pple be like u want some lotion outta there hand Nd you be thinking where the fuk that lotion come from.
i hate when i see pple in the bathroom trying to get rid of the ashyness with water that shit only be working for a mintue. Ashy is invented to keep black pple down!!!!!! And lotion dont work all the timesz


1. Of a pale grayish color; ashen.
2. Covered with, consisting of, or resembling ashes.

Next where here to talk about crusty lips
Crusty Crusty Crusty Crusty
I hate when pple have crusty lips nd they be rubbing them shitt together
i  hate when pple with crusty lick them hoez nd try to play it off nd them shit iz cruzty a second later
i hate when you be talking to sumbody with crusty lips ndthe crusty just fallin out
nd they try to play it off when the put carmax "lip gloss" like it dont burn
i hate pple with dry ass lips tell me when my lips is soft
lips just be cracking when they smile

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